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Do You Want To Live A Life Of Purpose?

You Can Choose The Extraordinary Life You Are Destined To Live.

Your Choice Begins Here.

Get Your Book Now



Do You Want To Live A Life Of Purpose?

You Can Choose The Extraordinary Life You Are Destined To Live.

Your Choice Begins Here.



Hear What Others Are Saying About Get a PhD in YOU...


“Julie nails it! The best investment you will ever make is an investment in YOU, because who you are becoming is more important that what you do. The potential upside for a significant return on investment from utilizing this workbook is priceless! Get A PhD in YOU is just that - an investment in uncovering the best version of yourself, who is meant to shine and feel purposeful so you can live your most fulfilling life. I’m thrilled that Julie is sharing her strategies with the world, and for the journey that you're about to embark on!”

Hal Elrod

#1 Best Selling Author, The Miracle Morning

"A practical yet profound approach to introspection. Julie perfectly captures what so many of us need to get our behinds in gear and to start creating the life that we know we are capable of. It's a perfect mix of food for thought and powerful exercises all delivered in a very relatable and genuine package. A fun and insightful read!" 



Mark DeNicola

Writer & Director at Collective Evolution and Founder of Beam Beam Productions

“Get a PhD in YOU is refreshingly honest, and delivers a powerful punch of radical self-acceptance. Julie Reisler gracefully walks readers through simple yet fun and effective journal exercises to live each day with more passion, purpose and pleasure. Her miraculous self-discovery workbook offers the guidance and inspiration you've been searching for--all substance, no fluff! Julie reminds us all of the importance of looking deep within, getting real with ourselves and showing up big. Right now. You will feel focused, free, uplifted and inspired to finally live your truth."

Kate Eckman

QVC Host, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Kate Eckman TV

"Julie Reisler walks her talk.  Her wisdom is derived not simply from knowing how to live a joyful life but authentically living one. Embodying unconditional self-love is easier said than done, and Julie's actionable daily practices make the mountain feel more like a molehill. Her gentle hand will guide your path, and her sparkle will help you find your own.”





Danette Wolpert

Founder and Executive Director of the Illuminate FIlm Festival

"Julie shows you how to truly design a life you love through stories, reflection, and creativity. Learn how to get unstuck, practice self-care, and honor those baby steps along the way with this enthusiastic and experienced guide."


Kimberly Wilson

Author & Therapist

"Get a PhD in YOU is an invaluable tool for someone who is ready to live better, love harder, aim higher, and shine brighter.  No matter where you are in life’s journey, this book applies to you.  If you think this book is not for you, it is absolutely for YOU.  Julie gives us a practical and impactful way to do the inner work necessary so that we can separate from self-imposed limitations.  For several years, Julie has been instrumental in our wellness program as an empowerment strategist, cultivating them toward their health and fitness goals. By Julie elegantly infusing her inspiring wisdom and personality onto these pages, it gives me and my patients a tangible pathway to attain personal breakthroughs."




Betty Y Wang, DO, MBA

Physician and Founder of the Body and Wellness Program at BW Primary Care

"This style of discovery work is literally right on time! Julie's creative and compassionate approach to the challenge of self-healing is totally transformative. If everyone did this work, the planet would light up with joy!"

Heather Keller, RN

Integrative Yoga Therapist, WOW Coach & Holistic Healer

"A workbook on creating the best YOU, you can be. Well done, Julie. When I first picked up Julie's book, I knew I was in for a treat. Julie get's it...if you are looking to tweak, fine tune and focus on developing a better you, don't miss out reading this book, Get A PhD in YOU. Be ready to take plenty of notes, because you are going to learn a lot about YOU!"




Doug Sandler, Mr. Nice Guy

#1 Best Seller, Author, Speaker, Nice Guys Finish First

"Julie is the kind of mentor you long for - kind, wise, authentic and endlessly enthusiastic about your potential being revealed! Tired of being less than? Then grab this book and get ready to journey toward your greatness."

Melissa Wadsworth

Dream Coach & Author, Collective Manifestion

A note from the author:

My life story is all about transformation and it sure as heck didn’t always look pretty.

I’m a first time author but I’ve always been fascinated with personal development. 

From a young age I had inspirational posters hanging on my walls that read things like ‘I AM ME AND I AM OKAY‘. Perhaps a little ambitious for an 8 year old…

I always knew I wanted to contribute helping others transform their lives. I’ve finally found a venue to share my experience, strength and hope with YOU.

As you take this journey with Get a PhD in YOU, my hope is that you discover and awaken the powerful creator that is already within you.